County Judge Candidate Calls Self-Administered Pay Raise ‘Stealing Taxpayers Money'

Published 08/28 2014 01:25PM

Updated 08/28 2014 02:03PM

LUBBOCK, TX — Lubbock County Commissioners proposed pay increases for themselves and a select few elected officials on Monday.  If approved, County Judge Tom Head’s salary will be increasing 42 percent, the largest increase of all the elected officials.  His salary would go from $77,450 to $109,925 per year.
Democratic candidate for County Judge, Austin Carrizales, released a statement Wednesday night criticizing Judge Head and the County Commissioners for “stealing taxpayers’ money.”
“The substantial pay increase symbolizes poor leadership and planning on behalf of Tom Head,” Carrizales said. “Clearly Judge Head should understand that elected officials are meant to serve the community, not profit from their tax dollars.”
Commissioners said that these potential salary increases will not affect tax payers or increase the tax rate. However, Carrizales said they should have sought more public input before proposing the increase, because the money belongs to the people of Lubbock County. 

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