Covenant Chaplain Writes Book of Children Struggles and Successes

Published 07/22 2014 08:58AM

Updated 07/24 2014 11:09AM

By: Meredith Hillgartner 

LUBBOCK,TX- For 17 years, James Powell's life was all about the kids. 

Powell was the chaplain at Covenant Children's hospital and has now written a book, sharing his tales of struggle and success. 

'The Corner Room' is titled after the first journal entry Powell ever wrote about a patient; a terminally ill 15 year old named Chase.

"The book, I think, recounts each unique childs' encounter with trauma, or illness, not necessarily death, but a challenge they didn't feel, at the time, they were prepared to address," Powell said. 

Powell said working closely with the kids 'was the most difficult work i ever loved doing.' 

His mission was to let the kids know, they were not alone and that he was there to guide, not judge.

"I primarily wanted the children to know that they were not alone," Powell said. "Whatever they were facing, they didnt have to do it by themselves, and in doing that, I felt like it was important that they had the freedom to be themselves but they also had the safety to inquire, to challenge. It was a safe place."

Lanae Juno, has been Powell's co-worker and friend for many years. 

She said she worked with Powell on many of the cases from his book, and the connection he could make with patients was truly something special. 

"He could relate to them, from the smallest to the oldest, on a very emotional and spiritual level," Juno said. "That was his niche, that is where he was just outstanding." 

Although, reading through Powell's book was difficult, Juno said no one could have told the stories better. 

"It was painful, at times, but knowing how Jim put all of those stories into words and knowing how important his work was and all of that came out in the book," Juno said. "It's just a phenomenal piece of work." 

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