Covenant Health Offers Businesses Comprehensive Wellness Checks

A Covenant Wellness check begins like many physicals with getting blood drawn and your blood pressure taken but then LeAnn Newsome, a Covenant Hospital registered nurse, said there are extra tests.

"We do an EKG, a resting EKG, and then we do Ankle Brekio Index which is a Doppler on the legs to asses circulation."

Deb Hendley, a Covenant Hospital registered nurse, said employees of all ages are encouraged to take the test because some diseases may be genetic or in early onset. 

"That way we can help them improve their lifestyles and maybe get their cholesterol improved or whatever it takes to make them healthier."

Jim Tye, Sysco Vice President of Human Resources, said the test are priceless.

"It's on in 7th year and we have yet to do it where somebody that went through the process didn't find out something they didn't know that helped them and so from that stand point alone it's been worth while."

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