Day Two of Testimony in Suniga Trial Continues

Published 05/14 2014 08:29PM

Updated 05/14 2014 08:42PM

By Anne Parker

LUBBOCK, TX-- Day two of testimony underway in capital murder trial for 34-year-old Brian Suniga, one of two men charged with killing former One Guy from Italy Pizza employee, 26-year-old David Rowser back in December 2011. 

This morning, a Lubbock hotel clerk testifies that she and another employee actually turned in frequent customers, both Suniga and Sesilio Lopez, to crime line because they believed they matched the murder suspect description. 

The Taylor County Sheriffs Deputy who first spotted the two men 24 hours after the murder testified that he saw the suspected tan SUV going East bound on I-20. 

He made a traffic stop and realized the two men matched the suspect description LPD sent out and they immediately made an arrest. 

In their car, he found a few key pieces of evidence including a contact lens case and a gold jar lid with a slit, believing to lead back to the tip jar police say Suniga and Lopez stole from One Guy from Italy. 

Officials also found a walther pistol locked in the middle console. 

A DPS firearms expert testified that the three bullets Rowser was shot with were 22 caliber and did not match up with that gun found in the car. 

However, LPD's lead detective on scene that night testifies that there were no shell casings found inside the restaurant which could indicate Rowser was shot with a revolver, that leaves no shells behind. 

That detective also tells jurors he found three business cards on scene that were out of place." 

One card belonged to a friend of Suniga's relatives in Denver City, who testified this morning, saying he just gave him his business card to try and help him find a job. 

Lopez's  ex-girlfriend told jurors this morning, Lopez and Suniga were always carrying guns. And Suniga was the leader of the two, Lopez always did what he said. 

Jurors just saw the clothes David Rowser was wearing the night he was shot, and the bullet wounds that went through his t-shirt,  an emotional and traumatic moment for his family in court. 

A medical examiner will give testimony later this week. 

The trial picks back up tomorrow morning. 

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