DPS Announces New Tool to Fight Child Crime

Published 03/19 2014 06:19PM

Updated 03/19 2014 06:37PM

by Victoria Price

LUBBOCK, TX -- The Texas Department of Public Safety is announcing their newest resource for combating crimes against children -- the Texas Crimes Against Children Center.

"Obviously when we stop traffic we see a lot of things..fugitive arrests, drug arrests, and we're starting to find children," according to Cpl. John Gonzalez, with the Lubbock DPS Office. "Exploited children, human trafficking, things to that effect."

The Austin-based center will be a one-stop resource for any case involving exploited children. With just one phone call, DPS troopers will have consolidated access to any and all resources needed to fight crimes against kids.

"They can research it all for me, while I'm out on the road," Gonzalez says.

Not only will the center expedite investigations, their resources will be open to all law enforcement agencies.

"FBI, anybody who needed to tap in, can," according to Gonzalez. "This is important that all agencies have access to this."

That could come in handy for federal investigators, if another major case like Tuesday's pornography sting arises. That Homeland Security investigation found children from all over Texas involved in an international operation.

"They've just got another resource in their pocket that they can utilize and it's just a phone call away."

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