Effortless Recycling makes it easy to recycle in Lubbock

Published 10/09 2013 08:47AM

Updated 10/09 2013 08:55AM

Don Provost, owner of Effortless Recycling, said they pick up your recyclables curb side.

"If you go to the drop off locations you have to worry about sorting it out, taking the lids off, and all that stuff. Hence the name "effortless" we make it effortless."

Effortless Recycling provides bags that you put all your recyclables in to be picked up twice a month for a fee of 30 dollars. 

Provost said they take all type of plastics and everything goes into one bag so you don't waste time with sorting.

"They bust the bag open and they sort it out right there. Then we put it out in sections and once we get enough of it we bale it."

Once they have enough of an item the bales are shipped out to a co-op in Austin where they will be recycled or sold. The also have pick up for businesses but those prices may vary.

"It just depends on how many bins you need to be able to judge on how much we would charge to do it."

Effortless Recycling is working on central locations for apartment building pick up and Provost said there is no limit on how much they will pick up from your home.

"This just makes it easy. You just throw it all in a bag, tie it up, set it on the curb, and we come pick it up."

Effortless Recycling is placing green bins around Lubbock where you can drop off textiles like clothes and towels for free and part of the proceeds from the textile sales will be donated to 

The first month of home pick up is 40 dollars for the set up fee of the bags and a schedule for your pick up but it's 30 dollars a month after that and their is no contract.

To sign up you can visit their website at www.lubbockrecycling.com


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