Embattled Ex-TTU Football Player Wants to Come Back

Published 07/16 2014 03:29PM

Updated 07/16 2014 06:34PM

By James Clark and Melissa Adan

LUBBOCK, TX – Nigel Bethel II was kicked off the Texas Tech football team in late June after he was accused of punching Lady Raider basketball player Amber Battle in the face.  On Tuesday evening he said he would like to come back to the team.

Bethel wrote on his Twitter page, “I'm praying @kirbyhocutt and @TexasTech give me a second chance by reinstating me! Texas Tech is my home I don't want to be any where else.”

A grand jury chose not to pursue charges against Bethel on Tuesday evening, and the grand jury also sent a letter to Texas Tech’s Athletic Director recommending that Bethel be reinstated to the team.

Wednesday afternoon, Tech dispatched an email that said, “Texas Tech will hold a news conference in the Masked Rider Lobby today at 4:45 p.m.”

Tech did not say specifically in that email if Bethel would be invited back.

Bethel also Tweeted “I would also like to apologize to Amber Battle for what happened, I should never put my hands on a woman no matter what the situation is.”

Bethel also said, “Appreciate all my family, friends and fans for not turning your backs on me. And a big thanks to my lawyer @lawyerlubbock Tray Payne.”

Tech released surveillance video of the incident and it does show that Bethel punched Battle.  An unscientific poll by EverythingLubbock.com showed mid-Wednesday afternoon that 40.2 percent of respondents favored Bethel coming back.  A majority, 53.4 percent, did not support Bethel coming back, and 6.3 percent were not sure. 

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