Emergency Management Prepares for Severe Weather Season

LUBBOCK TX - With severe weather season just around the corner, Lubbock County Emergency Management and Red Cross have a few ideas in mind on how to keep your family safe.

Clinton Thetford is no stranger to emergency management, he's been keeping people safe since the early age of 14.

"We do coordination rather than field response, we make sure everybody's all on the same page, we focus on training responders," Thetford said.

While Lubbock doesn't have tornado sirens, Thetford said a new method, called 'R U Aware,' could be more effective when severe weather strikes.

"One of the things people need to remember, is the outdoor warning sirens are outdoor warning systems-- they're not intended to warn people in their vehicles, to warn people in their homes or businesses...so we look for those alternative messages, or methods to get those messages out."

All you have to do is go online to RUAware.com and sign up. You'll get text messages, emails, phone calls and more for any of Lubbock's surrounding 15 counties you select.

The Red Cross is also prepared for tornado season.

"We're stationed and ready if the need should arise and we're hoping things will stay calm and we'll get through this," Director Laura Hann said.

Hann said not only should you pay attention to a weather radio or social media, but a go-kit is vital.

"In a go-kit you keep some backup medications, if you're on medication, a spare set of clothing, some emergency contact information, so if a fire or something did happen you and you were finding yourself evacuating to a Red Cross shelter, you would have clothes and some of those clothing items."

For Thetford, his goal is to keep Lubbock County safe.

"Our opinion is, the more informed you are as a citizen, the better you can make decisions to protect you and your family in any type of emergency whether it's severe weather or any type of emergency."

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