Exploitation of the Elderly- An Unfortunate Reccurence

Published 07/02 2014 06:09PM

Updated 07/02 2014 06:43PM

By Jason Puckett

LUBBOCK,TX-- Andrew Fisher was booked into jail Monday on charges of exploiting an elderly couple. According to court records, Fisher convinced an 80-year-old man to make him multiple loans. Due to health and age, the elderly man forgot about the loans and Fisher never paid them back.

While investigating the case, KAMC learned that scams targeted at the elderly are very common. Jess Peterson, the Director at Grand Court retirement told us he thinks it's because they are easy targets.

"They're the most susceptible." He said. "They're the must trusting. A lot of times they're the ones who think they need the money more than anything else, and ya know it just sounds like a good deal."

Peterson said that scams come in all shapes and sizes.

"There'll be the call, or the mail," he said. "Just send me 2 or 3 thousand dollars and they promise of 15-thousand...I've even seen a million dollars."

Others get more personal.

"Somebody calling a resident saying 'grandma...I'm in jail in Mexico or wherever. Can you wire me money-and we've had people who have actually done that."

Grand Court tries to warn it's residents, but Peterson says sometimes they are just too nice. 

"You're dealing with the generation who has helped people throughout the years." He said. "They've been involved in many different facets of giving their money. They saw in the Great Depression the scarcity they had- and they don't want somebody else to see that problem."

Adult Protective Services told us that it was important to be careful and have someone safe to trust. Watch the attached video for more on the APS response.

To contact APS call 1-800-252-5400

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