Family Searches for Stolen Truck for Sentimental Reasons

The truck belonged to their grandfather who died 4 years ago...

A family is searching for their stolen truck. But to them it means much more than just something to get them from Point A to Point B. 

For one family, seeing their Grandpa's 1989 red pick up truck helped with the grieving process after he died 4 years ago this October. It was parked in their driveway over the weekend and when they woke up one morning, it was gone. 

"It's been there for 4 years. Everything's been the same for 4 years. And somebody just came and took it from us," said Somalia Danford. Somalia's grandfather owned the truck. 

The family used to drive the truck to help remember their grandfather who Danford described like a father figure to her. 

"Seeing it, driving it, it's like he's here all over again. It made me happy," said Danford. "He left his presence with that truck. We left it the way he left it."

Danford said that truck was very special to her grandpa and one of his prized possessions. What makes the stolen vehicle even harder was it one of the last tangible things the family has to remember their grandfather. 

"His truck was everything to him. My grandmother is devastated," she said. "That's all we had of him, that's all we had left. 

The car was stolen from their driveway overnight. The family doesn't have security cameras installed at their home. 

"We don't care if you got it for parts, if you got it to strip it, if you got it to go around and do whatever you wanted to do with it, we just want the truck back," said Danford. 

Police said this type of crime isn't uncommon. The Lubbock Police Department reported more than 200 cars stolen in the last 3 months. 

The car is a 1989 red Chevrolet long-bed pick up. It has tinted windows and both windshields are cracked. If you've seen the car, you're encouraged to report it to the Crime Line at 741-1000. 



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