Fans Across the Hub City Celebrate Sunday's Big Football Game

LUBBOCK, TX - The first Sunday in February each year brings people together to watch the greatest football teams of the season face off. This past Sunday was no different.

During Superbowl LII, a divided house created friendly competition for fans across the Hub City. Would they root for the Patriots-- supporting Texas Tech's Danny Amendola? Or the underdogs-- the Philadelphia Eagles-- who sought their first championship title? 

One Guy Pizza helped discover the answer to these burning questions, driving KAMC's Tori Larned to check out celebrations across town. 

"Brady's done it enough times, its time for somebody new to win," said Doug Kopp, a party host in a local neighborhood. However, fans in another house in the neighborhood supported the Patriots because they "like Tom Brady and Amendola."

At the end of the day, families and friends gathered together to enjoy the sport, a buffet of food and pizza, and everyone's company. 

"We throw one every year. We have for seven or eight years. It's just a good way to get people together and enjoy football and fellowship," said Kopp.

The Eagles secured their championship title over the Patriots, 41-33.

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