Fireworks stores open for business

Today, fireworks stores opened for business and vendors have high hopes for sales this season.

Will Turner, President of the Friendship FFA Booster Club, said although sales this winter might not be as great as they were this summer, he still expects fireworks to be in high demand.

"For the News Year's season we're anticipating about twenty-thousand dollars worth of sales here at the fireworks stand at the Mega Center," said Turner.

Last July, fireworks sales were at an all-time high of one-hundred-and-fifty thousand dollars. All of the money raised goes to children in the Friendship School District.

Hundreds of people filled the Mega Store each day leading up to the Fourth of July this past summer.

Michelle Stuart, a volunteer for the FFA, also has a positive outlook for New Year's sales, but she said the weather isn't helping.

"The weather today hasn't really helped because of the ice," said Stuart."But we're hoping as the weather improves throughout the week that people will come out more for the fireworks."

Fireworks stores opened today, but all stands will open tomorrow. Stores and stands will remain open until midnight, January 1st.

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