First Hearing In Leach V. Tech

 The Mike Leach Vs. Texas Tech saga continuing in court Wednesday.

District Judge Bill Sowder rejected the former head football coach's motion for expedited discovery of evidence. Judge Sowder ruling that Mike Leach doesn't deserve special treatment so he won't allow that expedited discovery. He's also delayed his ruling in Texas Tech's argument that the school can't be sued as a state agency. Both sides have now been asked to come up with a schedule by 5 p.m. Monday that will allow their teams ample time to get evidence together and present more information inside the courtroom. That's when Judge Sowder will further discuss Tech's argument on sovereign immunity and the breach of contract claim. Both sides telling us Wednesday they're pleased with the rulings.

"It wouldn't be dramatically different if the court had granted the expedited discovery, so we're very fine and pleased with the court's ruling," says Leach's lead counsel Paul Dobrowski.

Judge Sowder also asked Texas Tech to preserve all e-mails, documents, text messages, phone conversations - anything related to this case. He's not asking for that evidence to be handed over just yet, just wants to make sure none of it is deleted or destroyed if it turns out to be necessary in this case.

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