Fmr. Teacher, Mother of Valedictorian Banned from Wilson Graduation

Published 03/27 2014 03:43PM

Updated 03/27 2014 08:41PM

by Victoria Price and James Clark

WILSON, TX -- Some of the organizers of a Wednesday night’s protest forum in Wilson say that at least two teachers are not allowed to attend any school events including events with their own children, such as graduation.

Two were placed on paid leave, two others resigned under pressure and two others resigned freely after a dispute with the Wilson ISD administration.
Superintendent Russell Schaub hasn't state a specific reason as to why those teachers were dismissed.

School administrators have currently banned the two teachers on leave from attending any sort of school functions, including May graduation. Ashley Trice is the daughter of one of those teachers, and this year's soon-to-be valedictorian. She says the school has no right to take away such a special moment for her family.

"It's just not fair. These are things that nobody should be able to take away," Trice says. "It's a memory you can't replace. I'm graduating valedictorian, I'll be giving a speech that my mom won't get to see."

Protesters who gathered in the Wilson Town Hall blame the administration for the conflict and say the teachers are victims of retaliation. obtained an email from Ashley's mother Michelle Story to Schaub asking permission to be on campus for “track meets, assemblies, talent show, banquets, and graduation along with other activities that involve my children the rest of this school year.”

Story’s email also said, “As per the directive, I need your answer in writing.”

Schaub wrote back to her this week saying, “I am denying your request and urging you to follow the directive given to you on March 12, 2014.”

Story declined a chance to comment. A message has been placed to Schaub to offer him the chance to comment.

“They were a disruption to the educational process. It was such a disruption that we decided to not allow them on school ground or school activities,” Shaub said by phone late Thursday. “If there’s no further disruptions we’ll reconsider allowing them to attend activities with their children.”

He also said, “Coming to graduation is a possibility.”

Schaub said it would be handled on a case-by-case basis but did not say specifically what Story would have to do to get permission to attend.

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