Former Board of Regents React to Leach Firing

Two former Texas Tech Board of Regents members are speaking out about the university's decision to fire Mike Leach.

Jim Sowell's the former regent who - through e-mails with Chancellor Hance - tried to get an easy out for Tech in Leach's contract. Sowell now says his own suggestions were largely ignored by Hance, and Leach got a much better offer than what he was advocating. Another regent - Mark Griffin- was serving on the board when these negotiations were happening, and says any bargaining over a contract can get heated.

"Obviously that's disturbing, it's unfortunate. Things like this happen though and there had to be reasons probably on both sides as to why the relationship couldn't sustain itsel, but I do know that the board operates in the best interest of Texas Tech," says Griffin.

Sowell went on to say he is in no way involved in interviewing or selecting a new coach for Texas Tech.

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