Former Texas Senator Starts His First Day of Work at Texas Tech

Published 07/07 2014 07:08PM

Updated 07/07 2014 07:12PM

By Anna Wiernicki
LUBBOCK, TX—Monday marked Robert Duncan’s first day as the Chancellor of Texas Tech University, and he wasted no time getting acquainted. Duncan met with students and faculty as he made his way around campus during his lunch break.
Last week, Duncan announced that he was stepping down from his seat at the Texas State Senate to replace Kent Hance as Tech’s new chancellor.
Duncan graduated from Texas Tech University in 1976.  His agenda for TTU includes transforming the university into a national research university by reaching Tier One status.
“We want to improve the quality of the University to reach those levels,” Duncan said. “Every time you work for those goals then you just improve the quality of the entire university."
By doing so, however, the cost of tuition could increase. 
"I don’t think anybody wants to see tuition increase,” Duncan said. “I think it's a matter of resources and how we can get the state legislature to appropriate additional funds."
Duncan also said, "If we are going to be competitive in the future, then we have to be able to be sure that we can pay our faculty at our different institutions, competitive salaries and give them a competitive career."
Ultimately, Duncan is excited to be back at his alma mater and is looking forward to the road ahead.
"I love Texas Tech University. I love this system, and I love all that's been accomplished over the years.   And so, I feel a great deal of responsibility to make sure that we maintain momentum, and we will."

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