Fouling Out?: Texas Tech Fans Receive Backlash for Trae Young Chant

LUBBOCK, TX - Texas Tech fans faced backlash after the basketball team's big win against Oklahoma Tuesday night. 

ESPN commentator Seth Greenberg called out the Red Raider fans for a chant directed at OU player Trae Young using expletives, calling the chant "sickening." 

Greenberg spoke out on ESPNU Radio on Sirius XM, saying in part,"At the end of that game, the Texas Tech fans were basically cursing, in unison, at Trae Young. And that is absolutely unacceptable...That young kid, any young person, doesn't deserve that. It’s bad for college athletics. It’s a bad look for Texas Tech."

He added, he "loves" Texas Tech, but expects the university to come out with a statement. 

Texas Tech Athletics put out a statement on Twitter saying, "The energy at last night’s @TexasTechMBB game was electric and helped our 7th-ranked Red Raiders remain unbeaten at home. A select number of our vocal fans did not uphold the behavior or language we expect from them. We ask all Red Raiders to strive for honor ever more."

Some fans said it was just college sports, but others say they may have gone too far.

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