From Gotham to Rome and back to the Hub City: Legos and Bullets and Monster Trucks rule!

Entertainment Thursday 2-9-2017

Lubbock, TX - After his breakthrough performance in the first Lego movie, Batman gets his own. The Joker is about to take over Gotham, but to save the city, Batman must stop working alone. Not only that, he learns to lighten up a little and the clever script is sure to make you, and your kids, laugh. It's rated PG and runs an hour-and-a-half. Watch Batman tear down the bricks in his wall at the Alamo Drafthouse, either Cinemark and Stars and Stripes.

Keanu Reeves returns as John Wick in Chapter 2. He has to come out of retirement when a former colleague tries to take control of a secret assassins cartel. He has to take on some of the world's deadliest killers in Rome, and if you liked the first Wick movie, you'll love this one. It's rated R and runs two hours. Lose count of the bullets and bodies at the Alamo Drafthouse, Premiere or Stars and Stripes.

And this weekend only, the Traxxas Monster Truck Destruction Tour comes to take out the City Bank Coliseum. There ar monster trucks, motocross, a demolition derby and lawn mower racing... whaaaa?... yes lawn mower racing. Grownups can get in for $20 and kids 2 to 11 can blow out their eardrums for $6. It goes down Friday and Saturday night only at 7:30. Behold the destruction and get your tickets through Select-A-Seat.

That's a look at what's happening in the Hub City, with Joe Sherwood's Entertainment Thursday.

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