Gas Prices Go Up Thursday in Lubbock And In Texas

Texas Railroad Commission Chair says, "Don't run out and fill up your tank."

LUBBOCK, TX - Gas prices began to rise in Lubbock Thursday afternoon.  They rose dramatically in other parts of the state due to the effects of Hurricane Harvey.

At the start of the day, showed prices just barely above $2.00 per gallon in Lubbock.  By afternoon, prices were becoming more common at about $2.19 for the lowest grade of gas in Lubbock.  

State Representative Drew Springer of Muenster posted an image of gas prices in Fort Worth Thursday.  His image showed prices at nearly $6.70 per gallon.

According to KXAN, Texas Railroad Commission Chair Christi Craddick acknowledged that there may be logistical issues in some areas, however, she said there should not be an actual shortage of gasoline.

“We have gasoline. We have enough gasoline across the country and enough gasoline in Texas,” KXAN quoted Craddick as saying.  “So, don’t run out and fill up your tank. You’re ok. What we are now seeing is companies … look at how you get it from the refinery through the pipes to the truck to your local gas station.”

Refineries along the Texas coast have been interrupted by Hurricane Harvey.  Craddick predicted price increases of 10 to 35 cents because of logistical problems.

CNN reported that prices nationally could go up 15 to 25 cents per gallon.

Some gas stations across Texas had long lines and some had run out of gas. 

In Lubbock, one driver was seen filling six portable gas containers.  An viewer quoted the man as saying he was headed back to San Angelo where gas shortages had been reported Thursday.




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