Greenstar Blox Show Recycled and Efficient Way to Build Homes

Published 05/20 2014 12:13PM

Updated 05/20 2014 06:30PM

By: Meredith Hillgartner

LUBBOCK,TX- In the 'Three Little Pigs,' the wolf blows down the house made out of straw and the house made out of sticks, but not the house made out of bricks.

What would he do if he faced a house made out of recycled newspaper, lottery tickets and phone books?

Not much. 

At least that is what Zach Raybon with Mason Greenstar Blox thinks.

Raybon is the owner of the decade old company, who started building houses out of these special recycled blocks. 

"Each unit is made out of about 65% recycled cellulose , cement and then our patented additives," Raybon said.

According to him the blocks can resist termites, two hours of burning flames and is insulated to help lower utility bills.

Raybon said it will also withstand whatever the West Texas wind can throw at it. 

"We are actually FEMA certified as a safety shelter building component," Raybon said. "So it is nice to know your structure is technically a safe house."

Raybon said there are about eight homes in Lubbock that are built with the material, but demand across the country has risen so much that they are moving into a mass production facility.


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