Gun Expert Discusses Purchase Procedures Following Church Shooting

LUBBOCK TX - Sharp Shooters' General Manager Izzi Musquiz said the news of a shooting at a rural Texas church was heartbreaking.

"Of course our hearts go out and condolences to the family for those folks and those families that lost people yesterday."

According to ABC News, the accused shooter, Devin Kelley, served at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico.

He received a bad conduct discharge, and reports show the Air Force failed to submit his criminal history to the FBI as required by Pentagon rules.

Musquiz said the initial paperwork to purchase, called a Firearm Transaction Record, or 4473, should have caught red flags early on.

"If everything's told the truth on a 4473, we have a policy if they answer, 'No,' to any questions, then we're not allowed to sell a firearm to a certain individual."

If a person was dishonest, there's another layer of security before they can purchase a gun.

"If we submit it, it's up to the background check, to the FBI to give us the response as to whether or not they can legally own a weapon or not," Musquiz said.

Musquiz said a guilty conviction on charges equal to domestic violence should have been enough to prevent Kelley from purchasing a gun anywhere.

"If he comes into my store and fills this FF73 and gets denied, he goes down the street and tries it again," Musquiz said, "They're going to run the same background check, they're going to get the same response from the system."

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