Hearing For Leach Never Happens, Firing Does

Mike Leach is out as head coach for Texas Tech's football team.

This all starting just before a scheduled court hearing Wednesday morning when Tech offically announced that Leach was fired. Attorneys for Mike Leach read Texas Tech's letter to a packed courtroom. The university cites a breach of contract as the main reason for firing him. They've been investigating allegations that Leach mistreated player Adam James, who was dealing with a concussion at the time. They suspended Leach Monday, after he refused to sign a letter listing the stipulations he must abide by when it comes to treating players who have injuries, like James. His attorney Ted Liggett says the firing after the suspension really comes as no surprise.

"You know Mike, he's a colorful person. And Mike is pretty fearless. And he's just ready to get on with the next step," says Liggett.

That next step for Leach and his attorneys is to address a lot of issues they say Leach was unable to discuss while under contract with the university.

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