Heartbeat 6-8-14: Pamra Culp Celebrates the Life She Could Have Lost

Published 06/09 2014 11:00AM

Updated 06/09 2014 11:09AM

LUBBOCK, TX -- Pamra Culp was told as a teenager she might someday need a heart valve replacement. More recently she was told during a routine checkup something had changed.

“They wanted to go ahead and do an extra test,” Culp said. “That's when they put me to sleep, and they did a scope that goes behind your heart. That's when they found that I had an aneurism on my aortic valve.”

She would need immediate open heart surgery.

“Oh my gosh. If this ruptures, you die. There is no CPR,” Culp said.

Her friend, Judy, gave her a cross before surgery which she held the whole time.

Culp had been active and healthy. News of a sudden condition that would kill her came as quite a shock. But she’s thankful to her surgery team at Covenant for making the whole process feel like a walk in the park.

“Dr. Springer walked in. He goes, ‘Are you praying for me?,’” Culp answered him, “You’re the first one on my list!”

Culp knows her prayers worked.

“You appreciate every day. More so than I used to, I guess.”

Culp will be running a half marathon in Dallas next March and she plans to wear that same cross she held during surgery.

“It just gave me peace,” she said.

In July she will celebrate one year of her new life.

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