Helping Hands: Atmos Energy Gives Families Something to Smile About

Lubbock, TX -
Volunteers with Atmos Energy wanted to make sure families had something to smile about this Christmas season.

"They'll get a Christmas tree, Christmas presents for the parents and children and a gift card to United for food," explains Marinda Heinrich with Atmos Energy. "We want to try and help these families that are struggling and make a difference in their lives for Christmas." 

Volunteers helped 10 families in the Parent Empowerment Program.

The program, through Catholic Charities, helps low income families finish their college education.

"The program is designed to help parents who are college students finish their education so they'll be able to transition their children out of poverty," explained Sabrina Robbins with Catholic Charities. "Most of our students work part time and go to school full time so they don't have any room for extras and they're doing everything they can to get food on the table and keep their utilities paid." 

Students like Camillia Bates who says she's grateful for all of the volunteers.  

"You don't feel like you have the support that you do but it's nice to see Atmos and the community come together to support us," Bates said. "Some people need things at certain times especially when single moms are trying to go back to school so that's a blessing."

"Whatever we can do to try and help these families who are trying to better themselves, that's what we want to do," Heinrich said.

The Parent Empowerment Program has been around in Lubbock for 20 years.

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