Helping Hands: Night to Shine

Lubbock, TX. - Night to Shine was a night to remember for hundreds of people with special needs in our community.

And right alongside them? 

Hundreds of volunteers making it one fun and memorable night.

The special needs prom starts even before they get into the door.

"They ride in a limo, get to walk down a red carpet with paparazzi," explains Night to Shine organizer Aaron Hill. "There's hair and makeup for the girls, shoe shine and everyone gets a boutonniere or corsage."

They're even crowned king or queen of the prom.

 "We just want to pour love on them and bless them and show them that they're one of us," Hill said.

This is the third year for the Night to Shine Prom, put on by the Tim Tebow Foundation. 

And it continues to grow.

"First year we had 56 guests, last year 111 and over 220 this year," Hill said.

And it can't be put together without hundreds of volunteers in our community.

Volunteers like Sally Martinez.

"I was excited since last week," Martinez said.

This is the second year she's been a buddy at the prom, staying side by side with a guest, dancing the night away.

And thinking back to last year brings tears to Martinez's eyes.

"It was the best night of my life," explained Martinez. "To see the smiles on their faces, to see the joy and the fun on their prom night was just simply amazing."

And just like the 400 other volunteers, Martinez hopes she helped make it a night to remember for everyone.

People came from all over west Texas for the Night to Shine Prom and as far away as Eastern  New Mexico.

Dozen of places are looking for volunteers.

Just contact the Volunteer Center of Lubbock at (806) 747-0551 for more information.

Find more information on Night to Shine here

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