Helping Hands: Starting School on the Right Foot

Lubbock, TX - A Frenship teenager helps hundreds of children start the school year off on the right foot.

14-year-old Gracie LaQuey collected 773 pairs of shoes to give out to people at Lubbock Impact. 

Lubbock Impact has a number of programs and ministries to help people in the Lubbock community.

She collected everything from tennis shoes, boots, sandals and more for everyone from newborns to adults.

She says it took a lot of planning to get to this point. 

"Last year with my church Live Oak I did a sports camp at Lubbock Impact for the kids who can't afford it," explains LaQuey. "I noticed a lot of the kids didn't have shoes that were appropriate for sports camp. It made me upset to not see kids get new shoes and so I had the idea hey I have shoes in my closet that I can donate."

So she talked to her Mom and they put it on Facebook and the shoes started coming in. 

"It makes my heart feel really warm," says LaQuey. "I feel so blessed to know that I'm helping others and it just makes me feel really good."

LaQuey says she can't believe how many she collected this year and hopes next year it'll be even more.

"I'm very fortunate and I know that I have a lot but then there's others who don't have a lot and aren't as fortunate and it just makes me feel good knowing I'm helping others who might not have as much stuff as I do," LaQuey says.

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