Hundreds of Lubbock Workers Expecting Layoffs from Convergys

According to the Texas Workforce Commission...

LUBBOCK, TX - Hundreds of workers could be out of a job soon, after the Lubbock Convergys office reported 406 upcoming layoffs to the Texas Workforce Commission.     

According to TWC data, this notice was the fifth largest layoff so far this year in the state. 

"It is not good news at all for Lubbock, whenever you hear a major company with 400 people closing,” President of the Chamber of Commerce Eddie McBride said. 

McBride said it's not all bad news. 

"We do have low unemployment here in Lubbock, Texas, so that's good news. That means there's... you hope there's going to be a lot of opportunity for those 400, or however much it ends up being, how many of those folks actually get a chance to get another job." reached out to Convergys for comment multiple times over the past week and received no response. 

Director of Business Development at Workforce Solutions Danny Soliz said the layoffs are part of the closure of the Lubbock office. 

"For the kind of layoffs that we have had lately in West Texas, yes, this would be one of the biggest ones," Soliz said.  

But he said he’s hopeful these workers will be able to find other similar jobs at other call centers in town, like AT&T. 

"They should be easy to place somewhere else," Soliz said.

Under the WARN Act, companies have to provide 60 days notice before a mass layoff, which Convergys did. According to the WARN notice, Soliz said, the layoffs would take place over the next few months. 

"I don't believe they are going to do it all at one time, but they are going to do it in cycles. So many in November, according to the WARN letter, so many in December and so many in January,” Soliz said. 

He said Workforce Solutions was working with Convergys and wants those workers to know they aren't alone. They offer training courses, resume help, and job searches. They are also working with outside sources to provide help with unemployment insurance. Potential workers must meet certain qualifications for the programs. Workforce Solutions said they are working hard to help people in any way they can, but laid-off workers must take initiative. 

"Take a day if you have to, and meet with our career counselors. Let them help you," Soliz said. 

CLICK HERE for more information on Workforce Solutions. 
CLICK HERE to see other WARN notices filed with the state. 

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