Hundreds of Teens Crash #mansionparty: See Their 'Amazing Night'

Published 05/06 2014 02:22AM

Updated 05/06 2014 02:23AM


It’s proof of the power of social media.

Canadian teenagers used Twitter to spread word of a massive house party at an empty mansion on Friday night -- an all-out bash that ended with a police shutdown, broken windows and several students in handcuffs, according to the Toronto Sun.

The party was held at an abandoned mansion in Brampton, Ontario and caused about $70,000 in damage after more than 1,500 people showed up, police said.

Here’s how it happened:

News of the bash began to spread on Thursday: 

"Half of Brampton is going to be at a mansion party tomorrow" 

"everybody's talking about this mansion party.. i guess thats what everybody's doing tonight." 

"yo bro are you going to the mansion party?" #bramptonbelike 

"Literally every teenager in etobicoke, mississauga , and Brampton know about this Mansion party" 

Some people knew better…

"That mansion party's gonna get bagged by cops in an hour or less"

"This mansion party is gonna get locked off before you guys even get home from school"

The party kicked off around 9 p.m. and was shut down by police about an hour later, authorities said. But some students said cops knew about the bash even earlier. 

"Cops already outside this mansion. Probably because half of the Ontario population was talking about this party lol"

"even though the brampton mansion party got busted by cops. was still an amazing night!"

Students shared their stories throughout the night: 

"I watched a man get beat by a baseball bat . I watched windows break , swat pointing guns , K-9 unite released & it was great .#mansionparty"

Back at school today, teens were still taking about the party: 

Haha everyone today in the halls and class is talking about the #MansionParty

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