Instead of grabbing fast food in Lubbock get a Healthy Meal To Go

Published 01/07 2014 07:34AM

Updated 01/07 2014 07:48AM

Pierce Adams, Founder of Healthy Meals To Go said the meals they make are good and good for you.

"Healthy Meals To Go, it's prep portioned, low glycemic, gluten free, diabetic friendly, heart healthy meals that also taste good."

Laurie Kireilis, Healthy Meals To Go Executive Chef, was in her 40's when she was diagnosed with celiac disease and type two diabetes and she set out to make food that she could eat and also enjoy.

"I know a lot of the early gluten free products were really really bad, tasted a lot like cardboard, we are not like's delicious, it's whole foods, it's made from scratch completely so it's something you can be proud to put on your table if you're a mom feeding your kids."

The meals may look tiny but Adams said most people are eating way too much.

"For most people it's properly portioned because what Lubbockites and most people are used to is these huge portions like what we get at Carabas and that's not what we're supposed to be eating."

The low glycemic meals will fill you up and keep you energized throughout the day.

"We're supposed to have the proper amount of portions and timing your meals throughout the day, having three meals and two snacks so your body can be burning and your metabolism can be working for you."

Whether you've made a new years resolution to loss weight or you just want to incorporate healthier options into your diet, Adams said Healthy Meals To Go can be your best choice.

"We're not a weight loss system but if you're looking to lose weight our system works. If you're looking to just eat healthy, our system works, so we're kind of the healthy alternative to fast food."

There are the kiosks where you can pick up meals at the 82nd Street Bodyworks at 82nd and Slide, Plaza West at 4630 50th Street, or The Falls Athletic Club at 4705 112th Street.

You can also pre order meals by calling 806-722-2727 or visiting the Healthy Meals To Go website at

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