Keeping your New Year's Resolution to get in shape can be easy!

Published 01/02 2014 07:39AM

Updated 01/02 2014 07:43AM

Jimmy Goutos, 82nd Street Bodyworks Personal Training Director, said he sees an increase of about 60 to 75 percent in gym memberships at the first of the year but many people don't know what they should be doing once they get there.

"Usually when people come to the gym if they don't have a how to plan they are only about 5 percent likely to reach their goals, with a how to plan they are 80 percent likely to reach their goals."

Bodyworks gyms in Lubbock have different options for your personal fitness level or goals.

"We offer free fitness assessment, free personal training session, then also a lot of classes that we offer."

Goutos said one way to make sure you get to the gym is to find someone else who also made a new years resolution to get in shape.

"The support system is great. You need a friend, or husband, or somebody to give you the support to help you reach your goals."

Goutos also said you need to think practically when setting a weight loss goal.

"Our body can only metabolize about two pounds of fat per week. So a realistic goal is take that two pounds of fat a week, you know, over the course of however many weeks they like to do it."

And you also need to be sensible about your food choices.

"In my opinion diet is about 80% of your results...we get meal plans, master food lists to you, how to plans, stuff like that to help get you get on that diet goal too."

Goutos said getting fit takes a lot of small steps to get to your one big goal.

"So we can change the lifestyle that, you know, January 1st resolution doesn't go all the way to just February or March it goes year round and into the next year."

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