Kids Heartbeat 9-27-13

Published 09/30 2013 03:45AM

Updated 09/30 2013 10:32AM

"We all probably go through places in life where we need others to help us and we're just fortunate enough to be in the position to help them out right now," Steve Betts with DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen said.

"Without them, I don't know how we would've done it," Brooke Phillips said of DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen.

Phillips daughter, Katie, has a rare genetic disease called Pader Willi Syndrome.

"She's two and she doesn't walk. She has lots of non-verbal skills, like she signs, but she doesn't talk quite well. She has problems with everyday life skills that you would normally have. She's not able to cope with many things. Her temperature isn't... she's not able to keep up with that either, if she gets too hot, she gets really hot and if she's too cold, she turns blue."

But that's not all, the older Katie gets, she'll begin to develop an insatiable appetite.

"You could feed her as much food as she could ever want and she would never feel full. They food seek and they look in trash cans and they look in closets and they will get up in the middle of the night and just eat and eat and eat and you jut won't know and their stomachs will explode and they'll die," Phillips said.

That's where DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen comes in.

The company, along with Sherwin Williams and Ferguson Enterprises, is donating the materials and man power to re-do Phillips' kitchen, so Katie can't get in the cabinets.

"You have to lock up every single item in your kitchen, all the foods, all the cleaning supplies, all the garbage, everything. I knew this was going to be more than something that I could just handle with a few products from Lowes," Phillips explained.

The project only took a little more than two weeks to complete, but if you ask Phillips, the final product will be appreciated for years to come.

"They are saving her life," she said.

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