Life and Death and Disney and Dollars

Entertainment Thursday 12/28

Lubbock, TX - Twenty-two years after the original, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is a 21st Century, standalone sequel with Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Karen Gillan. This time, an old video game throws them into the game, but the premise is still the same: you don't just play, you must survive. It's rated PG-13, runs almost two hours, already in Lubbock theaters. Roll the dice (or click the controller) at the Alamo Drafthouse, either Cinemark, or Stars and Stripes.

Looking ahead, you can get your tickets now for Disney Live! Mickey and Minnie's Doorway to Magic.There will be two shows on Friday, January the 12th, at the coliseum. It's a spectacular Disney performance, with Mickey and Minnie (of course), plus Donald, Goofey and 25 other Disney characters. The little ones can come in costume (but not those 14 or older), and everyone above the age of one needs a ticket. Get those from $20 to $50 through Select-A-Seat.

All The Money in the World is based on the true story of J. Paul Getty's negotiation with those who kidnaped his 16-year-old grandson. Christopher Plummer plays the older Getty, the oil tycoon who was the richest living American in 1957. He first refused to pay the ransom, but his wife (Michelle Williams) and his ex-CIA advisor (Mark Wahlberg) team up to show him that love means more than money. Rated R and directed by Ridley Scott, it runs longer than two hours. Spend your money wisely at Premiere or Tinseltown.

That's a look at what's happening in the Hub City, with Joe Sherwood's Entertainment Thursday!

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