Littlefield Residents Clean Up Cemetery

LUBBOCK TX - Littlefield residents were confused to find the cemetery in disrepair Monday. Between overgrown weeds, sunken graves and other problems, the community organized an effort to clean it up.

"A lot of my friends' families are out here, and this is heartbreaking," Volunteer Organizer Dusty Sides said.

Sides said she couldn't sit on the sidelines when she discovered the final resting place in ruins.

"It really makes me mad, and it's just heartbreaking...this is not how we treat our deceased."

An organization formed years ago kept the cemetery up for a while, but as time passed, volunteers and funds passed too. Back then, Nelson Carlisle was Vice President of the Littlefield Cemetery Association.

"All country towns are in the same condition we're in," Carlisle said, "They have nice old cemeteries, but they don't have the funds that are needed to take care of them over the years."

Sides wasn't the only one who felt a responsibility to help. Almost 20 people showed up, young and old, to work all day long.

"One day, I'll be here," Lance Carpenter said, "That's all there is to it."

As longtime residents of Littlefield, the group agreed to make the effort a permanent one.

"It feels really good. I'm proud that these folks showed up today. To start getting something done...this is just a start," Carlisle said.

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