Littlefield Sewage Line Breaks

LUBBOCK TX - A sewer line that had broken several times in Littlefield upset residents when it broke again Sunday morning.

Video shot by a neighbor on South Wicker showed the damage. The homeowner the line breaks almost weekly.

"We occasionally have overflows, but this one particular area has been a problem area and in the past, or since I've been here, the problems have been pretty small," City Manager Mitch Grant said, "We've been able to solve the problem pretty easily by stopping a line."

Grant has worked with the city for almost a year, and says they are looking for a contractor to take emergency action.

"We're going to have to take bigger steps to solve the problem, it's not something we can do minor repairs on," Grant said, "I feel sorry for the folks in the area where those overflows have happened."

Long-time residents said the sewer lines have been unreliable since they were children, while their utility bills continue to rise.

Grant said city workers will be working overtime to monitor the problem until a permanent solution is found.

"The money we charge for utilities is to pay for utility work like this. So these are expensive repairs, and these are things we need to focus on right now."

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