Local Clinic Suing State Against Abortion Restrictions

Published 09/30 2013 06:14PM

Updated 09/30 2013 06:28PM

More than a dozen health care providers - including Planned Parenthood of Lubbock - filed a federal lawsuit on Friday to challenge key provisions set by House Bill 2, a set of abortion restrictions passed by the state back in July.

The new law states that doctors who perform abortions must have hospital admission privileges.

Local supporters of the new law say that particular provision is all about trying to keep women safer.

"Really this bill helps protects women, it protects their safety," says Krysten Haga, pro-life advocate and boardmember at the Lubbock Nuturing Center. "Just like any other surgery, something could go wrong. And that's just a safety net for both women and doctors, knowing that he can admit her if something were to happen on that table."

Others, however, disagree.

"Honestly, I think we'll see women going to Monterrey, or Mexico City, or Juarez to have an abortion," according to pro-choice supporter Carol Morgan "That's the fallacy about this as women's health."

As of right now, the clinic here in Lubbock does not have admission privileges. That means come October 29th, surgical abortions will not be available to women in the South Plains region.

"I'm going to continue to advocate for the complete banning of abortion," Haga says. "But I think it's a good step forward, especially if it's going to be shutting down these clinics, and force us to really hold each other accountable."

Morgan's view is slightly less idealistic.

"How many times has a law stopped people from a behavior? How many times has a law stopped that?" she asks. "If somebody wants something, and they're desperate...they will find a way to do it."

The bill as written is set to become law October 29th.

Last month the Planned Parenthood clinic in Midland shut down, due to funding cuts and in anticipation of these new restrictions. The clinic here in Lubbock says they perform roughly 20 procedures a week, and have been actively seeking patient admission permission from nearby hospitals. So far no hospitals have reciprocated.

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