Local Horse Ranch Struggles To Care For Animals

Reilly's Ranch is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of horses. In the past four years running, the ranch has taken in and saved one-hundred-and-twenty horses.

Amy Reilly, founder of Reilly's Ranch said the ongoing drought has caused a major spike in the price of hay, which has made it difficult for the ranch to care for the horses they take in.

Reilly said at one point they were able to care for twenty-nine horses or more, but now, she said the ranch has a capacity of fifteen to eighteen horses.

She said they have held numerous fundraisers year round, but with the devastation in Oklahoma in recent weeks, Reilly said they have passed all of the money they've raised to help the victims who need it most there.

Reilly said even the smallest amount of money can help make a difference in saving a horses life.

"Right now our limit is eighteen because of the price of hay.  So we're trying to keep it somewhere between fifteen and eighteen so that we can properly care for them," said Reilly. "We don't want to be the rescue that needs someone to come rescue the horses from the rescue."

They are currently caring for thirteen horses.If you'd like to donate to Reilly's Ranch you can go their website at www.ReillyRanch.com.

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