Love From Lubbock Reaches Panhandle

LUBBOCK TX - Donations of hay and nonperishable items from the South Plains reached ranchers in the Panhandle Tuesday.

"You can't imagine what a 20-mile long fire looks like until you see it on three sides of you," Rancher Cheryl McFall said, "You pray that God will keep you safe, protect your livestock and barns, and you have to go."

Devastating wildfires are something McFall said ranchers and farmers pray against every single day.

"Trying to prevent cattle, sheep, goats and livestock from dying in a fire is something every rancher I know does. That's what we do."

Tuesday the restoration process began, with a helping hand from communities across West Texas.

"This is what America does. But this is especially what Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas do," McFall said, "We come together, we help each other when we can...and this, to me, is America. We're showing everybody how it should be done."

"Love From Lubbock" Organizer Chance Britt said "to whom much is given, much is expected."

"The McFall ranch was so grateful. They met us with tears of joy, and there's nothing like meeting somebody that's your neighbor, and you can help them out."

McFall had a message for people sending donations from across the region.

"From our hearts to theirs, it doesn't get any better than this. We feel loved, we feel supported. We know that there are people out there giving that don't have things to give. God bless each and every one of them. Nothing you give will be going to waste, it won't be abused. We're thankful and we love each and every one of you."

Britt said the relief effort is far from over.

"I would encourage everybody...if you've been given a little and you don't have a need for it, reach out to these people up here."

For now, the South Plains community will continue to give what they can.

"It's West's people taking care of people. Thank you. We can't say that enough," McFall said, "We can't ever repay those that are doing what they're doing, but we can share the blessings and that's what we're trying to do."


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