LPD Confident After Successful Hostage Negotiations

Published 06/20 2014 05:51PM

Updated 06/20 2014 06:38PM

By: Meredith Hillgartner

LUBBOCK,TX- A boost in confidence for the Lubbock Police Department after successfully handling a hostage situation Thursday night.

A crime line tip, from an anonymous source, led police to the home of 21 year old Ruben Salazar.

According to the tip, Salazar is the man responsible for robbing two Stripes convenience stores early Thursday morning.

Around 6:30 that afternoon, three LPD officers approached Salazar's home on the 1500 block of 45th.

Salazar returned home at the same time, pulling out his gun and firing three shots at the officers. 

The officers ducked behind their vehicle for protection, while Salazar ran to a nearby home, breaking down the door and holding a young woman and her 5-year-old child hostage.

Officers called for back-up, and when help arrived officers began to set up a perimeter around the neighborhood and safely shuttle neighbors out of their homes. 

LPD negotiators arrived on scene and were in contact with Salazar by cell phone.

"You are going to have negotiators try and gather information," Sergeant Jason Lewis with LPD said. "They are trying to get a photograph of who we are looking for. Try to establish communication, cell phone, land line, something to try and speak to the person inside."

The Lubbock Police SWAT was also called in as a last resort. 

The team researched the best way to take down the suspect, but keep his hostages safe. 

"You also have SWAT team members obviously gearing up and trying to get a close, close perimeter with coverage just in case we obviously start hearing gunfire," Sgt. Lewis said.

After almost two hours Salazar surrendered with his hands up. 

Sgt. Lewis credits his negotiators with the peaceful ending, and said the success has given a big boost to officers and their confidence in their training and abilities. 

The Lubbock Department of Public Safety also assisted LPD with setting a perimeter and crowd control.

Lubbock Fire and EMS were also on hand, in case of a medical emergency. 


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