LPD Says No Local Reports of 'Siri 108' Prank Calls

LUBBOCK, TX - Law enforcement agencies nationwide warned iPhone users about a social media prank that results in accidental 911 calls.

Police said telling iPhone assist tool Siri "108" will call 911 in five seconds. People on social media were seen telling others to "ask Siri 108

Sergeant Adrian Page, with Lonoke Police, posted to the department's Facebook page about the warning. Page said the number is designed "specifically as a panic code."

"Don't fall for it as it ties up emergency lines," Page wrote.

According to the Emergency Management and Research Institute, 108 is a way for locals in India to contact emergency personnel, similar to 911 in the United States.

Texarkana Police said the United Kingdom also uses 108 as an emergency number, warning of the challenges this so-called prank has caused for first-responders.

Officials with Lubbock Police said dispatchers were aware of the nationwide calls. A spokesperson confirmed LPD had not received any of those calls as of Friday.

Police in Denton, TX created a short public service announcement regarding the "Siri 108" calls.

Sioux Falls Police posted a similar message to Twitter, with a photo of Siri's response.

"If you happen to call please let the dispatcher know the call was accidental!" the post said.

Lubbock Police Dispatcher Melissa Orosco said social media posts were making the prank look like fun, but that's not the case for her department.

"You could be risking somebody else's life doing this. We're here to answer emergency calls, and 911 is for life-threatening emergencies, so they need to know that they're taking somebody away from answering those calls."

Orosco said if you're thinking about doing it, there could be consequences at your own risk.

"If you continue to do this and we do find a problem with it, there is a charge of 911 abuse, and that is a Class B Misdemeanor."


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