LP&L Says Woman Has to Pay Massive Water Bill

Published 07/07 2014 02:42PM

Updated 07/07 2014 07:42PM

By: Meredith Hillgartner 

LUBBOCK,TX- LP&L is asking a Lubbock woman to pay a $500 bill after they said she used 59,000 gallons of water in the month of June. 

That woman, Jatawn Bayse, said that is impossible. 

"My bills are normal," Bayse said. "I live here by myself, so I don't use much water at all, and I don't have a sprinkler system." 

Bayse has lived in her west Lubbock home for almost a year and said her bills have stayed fairly normal, and she never uses more than 1,000 gallons a month. 

When she called LP&L about the issue, they sent a worker out to check the meter, but he could not find anything wrong. 

They told Bayse she must have a leak. 

"It's just kind of frustrating, because you know if it were my fault and it were a leak I would understand and it wouldn't be a big deal," Bayse said.. But the fact [is] that there is no presence of a leak." 

The young teacher said she paid the bill, but did not really have the money too, and LP&L only gave her a $77 discount from the massive bill. 

Bayse said she did not know she could take the issue to the Lubbock Water Advisory Board and have them do their own investigation. 

"It is frustrating for everyone involved," Bayse said. "So the easiest things is just to say 'OK you dont agree with me, here is your next step,' other than saying there is nothing we can do, pay."

If the board does not think Bayse should have to pay for the bill, she could possibly get her money back.

Aubrey Spear, with the Lubbock Water Advisory Board, said anyone in Bayse situation needs to know who to call. 

1) Call LP&L - they will come out and search for a leak

2) Call the Water Advisory Board- they will do their own investigation to see what could be causing the high charges

3) Take the issue to the Water Appeal Board- they will make the ultimate decision on who is responsible for the water charge. 

Their decision is based solely on fact and not economic status of the consumer. 

If your water or electric bills are too high, and you may need a little help this summer you can reach out to services like: 

Guadalupe Economic Services 

Neighborhood House Lubbock 

Catholic Family Services

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