Lubbock Community Theatre Presents "Anne of Green Gables"

LUBBOCK, TX - The popular story "Anne of Green Gables" is coming to life for three weekends at the Lubbock Community Theatre.  The show opens on Nov. 3 and runs through Nov. 19.

A brother and sister hope to adopt a boy to work on their farm, but the orphanage sends a young girl by mistake. Anne's warmth and wit affects everyone around her. 

The story follows Anne as she goes through her rebellious years, her transformation into a young woman and her romantic interest in a young man. Director of the show, Amber Langehennig, said everyone can relate to this story even though it is set 100 years ago. 

"It is about being your authentic self," Langehennig said. "It is about being who she is and learning who she is as she grows up which is really what we are all trying to figure out right now, so it is relevant."

The show opens at the Lubbock Community Theatre on Friday and runs for the three weekends. The theatre is located at 4230 Boston Ave. Tickets can be purchased at

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