Lubbock Fire Sends Three Firefighters to Texas Coast

LUBBOCK, TX - Lubbock Fire Rescue deployed three firefighters to the Texas coast to help with disaster relief for Hurricane Harvey. Two went to Texas City and the other traveled to Corpus Christi. 

The firefighter's roles will be assisting first responders in the logistics of handling a natural disaster and aiding the communities impacted by the hurricane.

"Everyone is brought in for a specific task and purpose and the man power is then utilized," said LFR division chief, Steve Holland. "You don't have a bunch of volunteers not know what they need to be doing and where they need to be doing it."

LFR is also preparing to send more personal to the coast if needed. If called upon by the state, four more firefighters will be called to deploy with a special kind of truck. 

The TIFMAS trucks is a specialized engine three truck, which is used in the case of serious natural disasters, and is able to go off road unlike LFR's other engines. 

"A type 3 engine is designed to be off road so if there is a type of situation or circumstances where the streets are cluttered with litter and tree limbs," said Holland, "They can get off road but the fire engines we use on a day to day basis are not made for off road."  

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