Lubbock ISD Teachers Will Get A Pay Raise This Year

Published 06/19 2014 05:06PM

Updated 06/19 2014 06:30PM

By Anna Wiernicki

LUBBOCK, TX—The Lubbock ISD Board of Trustees approved the 2014-2015 fiscal budget Thursday morning - granting teachers a 2.5 percent pay increase.

Members of the Texas State Teachers Association and other members of the public voiced their opinions to the school board at the start of the meeting. They asked for a 3 percent pay increase, matching the amount Superintendent Dr. Berhl Robertson was going to receive.

However, in a 6 to 0 vote, the school board decided to give teachers a 2.5 percent raise, and Dr. Robertson a 2 percent pay increase.

“We still feel that they have the money that they could use to provide a better raise for employees because we have no doubt that health insurance will continue to increase,” Clinton Gill of the Texas State Teachers Association said following the decision. “So, what little raise that the employees are getting today will likely be eaten up when the health insurance rates increase later on in the school year.”

Former LISD teacher, Tiffany Jayme, also thinks that teachers should get a raise.

“I know in my job I wasn’t getting paid enough. I worked with special-ed kids and it's a handful,” Jayme said. “So to get nothing at the end of the month for payment is you know it's almost a slap in the face.”

The school board members agreed to discuss using money from reserve funds to give teachers a one time bonus of $2,000 at a later date.

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