Lubbock M.A.D.D. teams up with Uber

LUBBOCK TX - On August 28th 2006, Gina Perry got a call she would never forget. Her children, Bryan and Jackie, had been killed in a drunk driving accident.

Almost immediately after the accident, the Lubbock chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving contacted her to offer counseling and support.

"Sometimes during these ten years, M.A.D.D. was all I had," Perry said, "My family got tired of hearing about my grief but they never did."

Perry got involved with M.A.D.D. and frequently keeps up with the organization. Today, she urged people to take advantage of the new promotion the Lubbock chapter is offering: free Uber rides through the holiday season.

"People don't have to choose to drink and drive they have other options to get home safely," M.A.D.D. Advocate Amanda Eldredge said.

First-time riders can download the Uber app, create a profile and receive a free sober ride valued up to $20 after using the code MADDLUBBOCK. For every ride taken, Uber will donate $5 to the Mothers Against Drunk Driving chapter in Lubbock.

Perry added that it's important for friends to look out for each other and not let someone who is intoxicated get behind the wheel of a car.

"If the the person who is drunk or drinking doesn't think about it, people around them should," Perry said, "If you see somebody drunk, call a cab or take their keys. Whatever you have to do, do it, because you don't know how many lives you could save."

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