Lubbock Man Starts Donation Drive for Harvey Victims, Gathers Over 15,000 Water Bottles

LUBBOCK, TX - A Lubbock man started a donation drive for victims of Harvey, eventually gathering over 15,000 water bottles and other supplies to take down to the affected areas.

Mark Murray said what began as a gut feeling and a simple Facebook post, turned into a massive operation.

“It is really cool to see the community come together,” Murray said. “What inspired it was really just watching TV and feeling called to action. These are real people with real problems down in Houston. We just saw a need that we could help.”

His post got shared thousands of times on Facebook.

“It turned into this overnight,” Murray said. “It has been incredible to watch the Lubbock community come together to help Houston.”

Murray and his brother-in-law were going to go down to the Victoria area, because they could access that city’s roads, as opposed to areas with more flood waters.

Now, closer to 15 people plan to take five or six trailers on Tuesday. They have partnered with an organization in Victoria to disperse the supplies. Many of the volunteers work with Murray at Keller Williams in South Lubbock, where the drive took place. Others came from a local church, but many of the donators just showed up of their own volition after seeing the post.

Organizers said anyone can still donate Monday August 28 or early Tuesday August 29 at 10210 Quaker Avenue or online at, where all the proceeds will go towards buying more supplies.

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