Lubbock Police Investigate String of Car Burglaries

LUBBOCK TX - Lubbock Police said they received more than 60 reports of cars and trucks burglarized in the last three days, and they think the crimes could be connected.

Darlene Madrid said she went straight to her neighborhood's Facebook page when she woke up to the news that her husband's truck was broken into. She found out her neighbors had been targeted by the same crime, in exactly the same manner.

"His driver's side window had been busted out," Madrid said, "Nothing else, but just that side."

Police said the thieves were likely targeting trucks with tools inside, but in Madrids' case, they picked the wrong one.

"He's [Darlene's husband] a coach, so construction-type tools and stuff like that...that he did not have," Madrid said.

The SWAT team served a search warrant at a home near 25th Street and Avenue W. Inside, they found approximately $15,000 worth of power tools and arrested Ricky Trevino, 20, and charged him with theft.

Early Tuesday morning, investigators received a call about suspicious trucks near 80th Street and Slide Road. When they tracked down the trucks, there was a short chase through town, but the two suspects got away.

"You feel violated, and then it's just like, 'Why do these people do it?'" Madrid said, "We work hard for our things, and when somebody does that to your's hard when you work for it, and sometimes I feel like, maybe people who break into vehicles truly don't know how hard it is."

Madrid said while she's disappointed, the damage could have been much worse. However; her neighborhood is still on its toes.


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