Lubbock Police Shoot Dog in Leg After Attack

LUBBOCK TX - Lubbock Police were forced to shoot a dog after neighbors said it tried to attack several children at the corner of 1st Street and Flint Avenue Monday evening.

Officers responded to the call around 8:00 p.m.

Neighbors said the pitbull was trying to bite a lady and her children. A man nearby stepped in with a knife to help, but it didn't end there.

When officers arrived, one of them shot the dog in the leg in self-defense.

The dog took off, sending the officers on a brief chase that ended near Erskine and East Chavez.

The crowd watching the scene unfold said it was pretty tense.

"The dog was trying to be very resistant, and tried to just pounce on her and she [the officer] had to pull out her gun," Neighbor Noah Obando said, " And she told everybody 'Just stay back,' especially the dog, and that's when she fired her weapon and then it just hit the dog in the leg."

According to LPD, Animal Services will be stepping in to help.

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