Lubbock Sheriff Employee Arrested

Published 10/14 2013 06:20PM

Updated 10/14 2013 10:21PM

The Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office arrested one of its own employees Monday afternoon.  Thalia Nadine Mullins was under investigation after a tip last week that she was taking bribe money in exchange for work release credits.

The Sheriff’s Department identifies Mullins as a civilian employee, specifically as a work release clerk.  She was arrested at the South Lubbock location of Target.

“Target had nothing to do with this,” said Sheriff Kelly Rowe.  “This is just the location she selected for the drop.”

By “drop” the Sheriff meant a $500 bribe.

The Sheriff says Mullins had solicited the bribe from a confidential informant, not the other way around.  According to the Sheriff, that could change the charge from bribery to official oppression.

Mullins had filed bankruptcy back in 2003.  Her debts were discharged in 2004.

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