Lubbock Symphony Orchestra's Holiday Chamber Concert Playing Christmas Carols

Published 12/17 2013 07:48AM

Updated 12/17 2013 07:56AM

The five members principal members of the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra's brass section make up the quintet playing Christmas Carols for the Holiday Chamber Concert. Will Strieder, a trumpeter, said the brass musicians like to branch out on their own.

"What's special about the brass quintet is that we basically have all the voices for the brass section and the brass quintet has been around for a long time and this are tried and true arrangements and it's just fun to play with all of my colleagues."

Kevin Wass, who plays the tuba, said they are playing a variety of music for all tastes.

"We're going to be playing music that's 500 years old. We're going to be playing music that was written 50 years ago in this concert. So it's kind of a timeless thing since these instruments have existed for a long time and have been used in all styles of music we can play a little bit of everything."

Strieder, said the final number is always a big hit.

"People can expect to have a really good time. We're going to start with classic Christmas carols and we'll finish up with 'Grandma got run over by a reindeer'."

You will also learn the history of the songs chosen for the concert.

"There's talking, there's a lot of narration, that's my biggest role in this concert is kind of introducing each piece, telling people why we chose them and why we chose this particular arrangement. So it's informative, its fun, its not really just sitting there listening to the music and not really knowing what's going on."

Lot of Christmas Carols from a small group ready to engage you in their music.

"There's just the 5 of us, there's no conductor, there's no stage. So it's really a great chance to come and hear music and be very close and be very involved with the people who are making it."

The Holiday Chamber Concert is Tuesday December 17th at 7:30 at St. John's at 15th and University.

Tickets are 20 dollars for adults and 10 dollars for students.

You can buy tickets online at or by calling 806-762-1688.

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