Lubbock's 11 Year Old Avery Maisel Fights Brain Cancer

Published 11/19 2013 08:23AM

Updated 11/19 2013 08:30AM

When Avery Maisel started getting painful headaches earlier this year her parents took her to the hospital for a check up and Brad and Shyla Maisel, Avery's parents, said what the doctors found has changed their lives completely.

"We went in thinking 'You know it will be a migraine, they'll prescribe something and we'll be on with our lives' and they come back with 'You have a tennis ball sized tumor in your daughter's head. In her brain'."

Avery went into brain surgery the same day the doctors found the tumor. The tumor was malignant and very aggressive so Avery had to start chemo therapy and radiation as well. 

The physical effects were immediate but her parents Brad and Shyla say there were emotional set backs as well.

"Her emotions had to gradually come back to her and the first one was was several weeks before we saw Avery."

Avery was a Meals on Wheels volunteer and when she shaved her head she donated her hair to Locks of Love. She wanted to be able to keep helping others so she sacrificed her own comfort to mentally be at 100 percent.

"Once I cut morphine out altogether and just using adivan when I absolutely need it has really helped me come back to my old self basically."

Shyla lost her job because they couldn't work around Avery's chemo therapy schedule but since Avery needs 24 hour care she didn't think she would have been able to stay even if they let her.

"Even if I had a job that could work with Avery's recovery schedule I couldn't have held a job one way or another because her care has been my job since the minute she went into surgery."

Avery's got out of the hospital on her 11th birthday and she said God will help get her to her 12th.

"He gave that battle to you because he knows you're strong enough to fight it. Just keep an open heart and an open mind and you'll make it through."

The Maisels have an account at Prosperity banks if you would like to donate money to cover their medical bills and living expenses during Avery's treatment.

The account is called "Avery Medical" and is listed under the names Brad and Shyla Maisel.

Avery still has three months of chemo therapy to go and then they will have to wait and see if the tumor comes back.

For now Avery is excited to get back to her school work and spend some time at home.

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